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The Micro Dentistry unit is dedicated to perform accurate and long-lasting dental restorative therapy without compromising patient comfort. The life of your fillings and caps depends largely on how accurately it fits in your teeth. Microscopes give us the power to deliver treatment with pin point accuracy. It is well equipped with the state of the art Dental Operating Microscope and gadgets that are needed for precise and predictable dentistry. We also take pride in being one of the pioneers in delivering Micro restorative care. Microscope driven restoration (filling) of damaged or lost teeth ensures accuracy in our dental work that will last a life time

How dental implant surgery is performed depends on the type of implant and the condition of your jawbone. Dental implant surgery may involve several procedures. The major benefit of implants is solid support for your new teeth — a process that requires the bone to heal tightly around the implant. Because this bone healing requires time, the process can take many months.

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Microscope Enhanced Root Canal Therapy

The tooth happens to be a really small organ (if you consider it one). It contains a pulp which is barely 1/3rd of a mm in diameter. Root canal treatment (RCT) involves manipulation and removal of this fine piece of tissue. So if done with the naked eye there is a big chance that some parts of the pulp will be left behind during removal. These residual pulp tissues can cause pain and problems to the patient in the future.
When the same procedure is done with a microscope, the chances of leaving behind any tissue or canal is far lesser because the dentist can view the tooth in magnifications of up to 25 times that seen with the naked eye (25x).So the chances of failure of RCT is almost nil.
The best Micro Dentistry unit in Archak Dental can perform a thorough dental check up and evaluation of your teeth, giving you options and helping you decide which treatment is best for your condition. Delivering excellent and genuine care is our number one priority to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile

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